Pre sale Info + Tokenomics Update

Aria Token
3 min readApr 11, 2022

!!!====4/20/2022 update to reflect Discord====!!!

Hi everyone, this has been a long time coming and I am happy to finally reveal our pre sale info plus the changes that we are making to our tokenomics for Aria token. In one of my earlier medium posts I asked everyone to have a open mind and be open to changes, especially if they are for the good of the project. With that said lets jump into the pre sale info and what you can expect.

Round 1 Pre Sale

Open to individuals that have @aria-og (pre-sale) @aria-white-list (pre-sale) roles assigned in Discord. All OG/Aria-WL will have a guaranteed allocation, for a total of $ARIA 200,000,000 (or $200,000).

Aria-OG →$500 Aria-WL →$750 No minimum buy Presale price of $0.001.

Round 2 Pre Sale

This round is for everyone who got lucky enough to get a Whitelist spot, wether it is from the OG/Aria-WL role or through our second wave of Whitelist (NEW-WL).

The Presale will be only for 24 hours or until we have reached our Hard Cap of $ARIA 500,000,000 (or $525,000). This is a “First Come First Served” format. Minimum buy $50 Maximum $4000 Price of $0.00105.

Dex Listing

After these two Presale round, we’ll have our official Launch on PancakeSwap. Price of $0.0011.

Tokenonics changes

  • White paper 50B initial supply this is being changed to 1.5B initial supply
  • White paper 100K min $ARIA required to get rewardsWe are removing this requirement and any quantity qualifies to get rewards
  • White paper USDC rewards paid automaticallyWe are moving to a manual claim system through our dashboard as while testing this during development the costs increase exponentially as more wallets held Aria token this way we are allowing users to claim whenever they want through our dashboard.
  • White paper liquidity pool locked for 2 yearsWe can’t do this if we want to onboard to Quantum Liquidity from Sphere. But the liquidity will be held by a Multi-Sig wallet with 5 members, 3 will have KYC and 2 members will be doxxed. Stay tuned on more about this. 3 out of 5 approval will be needed with 1 of the doxxed member required as well as me (Ryuu) being required.
  • White paper Reward fee 5% on initial launchwe are making this fee 7% on initial launch which means more money in rewards for everyone
  • White paper Liquidity fee 2% on initial launchwe are making this fee 3% on initial launch
  • White paper chainlink data feeds of multiple tokenswe are moving to only two feeds the entire crypto market price feed and the SPY index price feed to capture the stock market.
  • White paper dev team will not have token from initial launch Dev team will get remainder of token from pre sale and initial mint to be used to pay existing team members and hire new members, portions of funds will also be used to pay for Quantum Liquidity Service from Sphere. These tokens do not earn reflection rewards.

I hope you guys welcome all these changes and see them as a big positive the way we do for the project. And definitely watch out for more AMA’s and updates in near future.

Go Aria Fam!!!!