Road Map Aria Token

Aria Token
2 min readMar 5, 2022


Here is a road map for Aria Token. Now while road maps are great to create a picture of where things might be heading I need you guys to have an open mind that things might change especially when it comes to Phases 2 and 3. Our goal with Aria is to create a passive income generating machine for everyone, some things might take longer than expected, some things might not. We will take community feedback into consideration for every decision we make.

Phase 1 — The Growth and Launch Phase

Phase 2 — Gamefi Phase

  • Set up live AMA sessions
  • Project code named Arcade22
  • Continue Marketing

Mini Game portal where you will play game and have opportunity to get rewards and NFTs.

Phase 3 — The MetaVerse Phase

  • Create Game with in game currency being Aria Token
  • Create NFT’s for games which can only be bought with Aria Token
  • NFT marketplace

This Phase is the one I am most excited about. As a dad to two kids I have seen first hand how much kids love games like Roblox. My kid has already spent hundreds of dollars playing Roblox, let alone that one time where she figured out my app store password and spent $200 in one hour. So the games that we will be developing will definitely be aimed at younger kids. I do not want to go too deep into my ideas for the game but in terms of Aria Token it will mean that transactions will be generated, and with transactions it means more rewards for holders.

We are only getting started with Aria Token but the future is very bright, we just have to execute all the pieces as planned and I love all the organic growth we have had so far.

Join us on Discord and ask us questions.