Aria Token White-paper

Aria Token
2 min readMar 1, 2022

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Aria Token is a utility token that redistributes a minimum of 5% from every transaction in USD Coin (USDC) rewards automatically to all Aria Token holders.

By simply buying $ARIA and holding the token in your wallet, you earn rewards directly into your wallet.


Aria Token will go by the ticker symbol $ARIA.

The initial supply of $ARIA will be 1,500,000,000

The MAX supply of $ARIA is 100,000,000,000

The MIN supply of $ARIA is 1,000,000,000


Aria Token does not have a APY, instead it is transaction based. The more transactions and more daily volume is traded the more rewards is earned by Aria Token holders.

Transaction Fees

Configurable fees have a combined max value of 15%

Configurable Fees

5% — 10% for reward, distributed to Aria token holders

1% — 5% for liquidity on pancake swap

1% — 5% developer/marketing

Automatic variable fees based on market conditions

0% — 3% of transactions burn

0% — 3% of transaction can mint

Initial values on contract creation are as follows:

8% Rewards

4% Liquidity

3% Developer/Marketing


$ARIA token in its algorithm has the mechanism to burn or mint tokens based on market conditions.

There is a maximum and minimum token amount set in the $ARIA contract. Meaning there can never be less than or more than the min and max amount.

Minimum 1,000,000,000

Maximum 100,000,000,000

The algorithm to determine whether to burn or mint new tokens will take into consideration the following.

Current market trend of entire Crypto market + the SPY index.

Current Liquidity Pool ratio, is the Pool under over liquified.

The end result is whether to Mint or Burn tokens and what percent to MINT or BURN the percent can be between 0–3% of the current transaction amount.


The rewards is initially set to 7% and gets distributed to all Aria token holders.

Over time as the project matures the we may raise the rewards, the maximum that the rewards can be raised is 10%.

Liquidity Pool

2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).


3% of every transaction is converted to USDC and sent to Aria Dev Team.

  1. Marketing — create marketing strategies, social media marketing, and any other form to bring more awareness to the project.
  2. Pay for infrastructure to grow services that will utilize the $ARIA token.
  3. Grow Dev Team